Import data into Sage 50 accounts from sales orders or invoices easily with Invport. This Sage Additions product has been developed to allow you to import bulk data as if it was entered manually and gives you the flexibility to choose what fields are imported and in what sequence.


Import Features and Benefits

Feature:   Benefit:
Flexible import CSV file structure, no need to alter the file structure exported You specify the order the fields are to be imported and the sequence of the file.
Easy to Install and Use The application is very user friendly and intuitive allowing you to be productive.
Import Data Import Invoices, Credits and Sales Orders as if keyed in manually via the sales invoice/order screen
Data Validation Verify the import fields before importing.
Correct Data Make data corrections to the source file within INVPort without opening excel where you might run the risk of leading zero's being dropped off.
Create Import Templates Define more than one file structure template for import and save to file. Easy to reload file structure template for import.
Live Import No need for users to log out of Sage whilst importing data
Aids processing in Sage 50

Reduces manual errors and increases efficiency 


Invport Downloads

Invport Installation Manual Download

Invport Operations Manual Download


If you are interested in how Invport could help your business become more efficient please call 01954 789978 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a FREE trial and expert advice on how we can integrate this product for you.




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