Advanced Connectivity Services

Boldfield can help you to take advantages of new services designed to connect your business to the outside world.

Many organisations are still heavily reliant on simple broadband. However, with the increasing volumes of data that users need to access, the move to Cloud services and the growth of applications such as Voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) many institutions are finding that a simple broadband connection is not good enough.

With that in mind Boldfield now offer a range of advanced connectivity options. These include Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Ethernet First mile (EFM) and Leased Lines.

FTTC – this is a new sort of broadband offering higher speeds than a typical standard broadband connection. Throughput speeds are normally higher as there is a fibre optic connection from the exchange to the street cabinet nearest to your premises.

EFM – uses a different principle with Ethernet from your premises to the BT cabinet but with no guarantee that there will be a fibre optic beyond that point.

Leased Line – A leased line means that there is a a guaranteed fibre path all the way. Leased lines come with Service Level Agreement’s (SLA’s) so you have some re-assurance that the service will offer the advertised bandwidth and will be highly reliable. With a leased line, there is no “contention” meaning that the line is not shared with anyone else.

One thing to add is that most broadband services are asymmetric – meaning that the bandwidth you have coming down from the exchange to your premises is higher than the bandwidth you have going from your premises to the telecom network. That is perfectly fine when the line is used for internet browsing etc but for some applications a synchronous service is required.

The availability of these services is not universal and depends on your location. Talk to Boldfield to find the best option for you.

Boldfield has the expertise to deliver these services, what’s more we are best placed on these services because of our extensive IT knowledge. In the past IT and Telecom have been regarded as somewhat separate. Nowadays, there needs to be a close marriage between IT and Telecom to make the overall system operate to its potential. With the rise of cloud services. Voice over IP, distributed working and Office365 it is now imperative for many organisations to consider IT and Telecom as a singular system. Most telecom providers have no way of determining the capacity required by the various interworking elements of the IT system.

Our services are tuned to your needs and prices are highly competitive.

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