Advanced Hosted Telephony

Advanced Services

Providing the ability to automate the management of inbound calls using voice prompts to identify which services are required and directing the call appropriately.
Direct calls to specific extensions
• Look up individuals in the corporate directory
Route calls based on department or service required
• Provide self-service options

With Boldfield Hosted Telephony there is no need for expensive on-premise site call recording, this capability is embedded within our cloud and can be switched on for particular lines or particular users.
User-defined recording for inbound or outbound, external and internal calls
• Recordings are retained for 30 days as standard (with the option to extend)
Simple storage, search, download and playback of calls
Fully FSA compliant

Boldfield Call Reporting enables you to obtain a full picture of your inbound and outbound call history to enable you to manage your business communications.
• Powerful GUI enables you to define and run reports
• Comprehensive range of standard reports
• Ability to tailor reports for your specific needs
• Leverage account codes to enable customer billing

With Boldfield the extension is not tied to a physical device and as such organisations are able to easily and effectively enable hot desking either within a single office or across multiple locations.
• Users sign-in to any device that automatically inherits the properties of their extension
• Utilise softphone clients on your PC, providing fully-functional voice services in any location
• Use multiple devices with the ability for calls to be presented simultaneously to all devices

Boldfield Hosted Unified Communications (UC) delivers both improvements in the productivity of your staff and an increase in the level of collaboration across your entire organisation.

Boldfield Hosted UC enables you to fully integrate your hosted business telephony into the desktop and mobile environment. It equips users with an easy-to-use app to manage their contacts and to view call history, complete with simple click to call, and it empowers users to manage their personal telephony environment, including simple set-up for call forwarding.

Hosted UC from Boldfield allows telephony to be fully integrated into core business applications such as CRM and Accounting, enabling single click dialling from within these applications.

An integral element of the hosted UC platform, Presence, means the status of each user is managed in real-time; enabling every user to see if someone is busy or available before they make a call or transfer a call to that person.

Increased Productivity – by making telephony an integral part of the user’s desktop environment, making it quicker to manage, find and dial contacts.
Improved Customer Service – by automatically accessing customer details and presenting these along with the telephone call to enable a more professional service.

More Effective Collaboration – by providing a real time view to each user showing who is available and so enabling them to reach the right expert first time.
Improved User Experience – by making business telephony much easier to use and providing each user with the ability to work the way they want to work.


Providing each user with a real-time view as to whether other users are busy or available before they attempt to call that person.


With Boldfield Hosted UC there is no capital investment required to transform your business telephony environment, you simply pay-as-you-use.


Enabling users to build and manage their own address book, view call history, set call forwarding and to control every aspect of their telephony from their desktop including click to call.


Ready-built integration into MS Outlook, Lync and Google Contacts as well as all of the leading CRM and Accounting applications including Microsoft Dynamics, SAGE and

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