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Fixed & Mobile
We currently have two phone systems – the desk phone and the business mobile. We want a solution where desk phones and mobiles complement each other - the mobile should enable business communications to extend beyond the office and be an integral part of the telephony solution.

We have people working from home and multiple other offices but we do want a single phone system. When a customer calls, we need to be able to connect them to the right person regardless of which office they are in or indeed even if they are working from home.

We want to pay for what we use month by month as and when we use it. We we want business communications to be an operating expense and not a capital expenditure. What’ is more, we want to be able to add and remove users in increments of one as and when our business needs change without penalties. We also want to avoid large upfront cash expenditureoutlay.

Flexibility With Low Maintenance
We want need the flexibility to deploy new users, change things around and alter the way calls are routed, but we do notn’t have the technical resource to manage this. We need a partner that can make this happen as part of the service they offer.

An Intelligent System
We need our phone system to have some level of intelligence, play announcements, allow people to select who they want to speak to and route calls to that person based on their current location, i.e. the right phone in the right location

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